BlinkInput - capturing data field-by-field

Form-filling, made effortless

Reform data entry in your smartphone app.


BlinkInput is a fast, flexible scanning solution designed to eradicate manual data entry.

In focus

BlinkInput field by field overview

Tailored to your use case

BlinkInput is what you make of it. Whether you’re in telco, finance, automotive or any other industry, you can use it to simplify onboarding, supercharge your UX and streamline your operations. Forget typing, start scanning.

BlinkInput sim card app

A joy to use

BlinkInput makes data entry a fun, frictionless experience for your users, letting them easily scan VINs, SIM card numbers, IBANs and anything else that takes a long time to type in. You can customize the interface to your brand and merge our other mobile SDKs into a single solution.

BlinkInput field by field

As secure as it’s powerful

The core technology behind BlinkInput returns results before your users can say ‘’wow, that was easy.’’ The best part? It’s all done entirely on-device, without a network connection, which means you can put your privacy concerns aside.