BlinkInput In-browser SDK

Build on-device barcode scanning into the frontend of your web app and let your users scan SIM card numbers, VINs, boarding passes and other data with ease.

BlinkInput In-browser SDK is a JavaScript library for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge — it can read a range of barcodes from still images or a webcam feed, including:

  • PDF417 barcodes
  • QR codes
  • SIM card barcodes
  • VIN barcodes
  • Code 128 1D barcodes
  • Code 39 1D barcodes
  • EAN 13 1D barcodes
  • EAN 8 1D barcodes
  • ITF 1D barcodes
  • UPC A 1D barcodes
  • UPC E 1D barcodes

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You’ll need a license key before you get started with your integration. Head over to our Developer Hub to create one for free — make sure you enter a correct fully qualified domain name of your web app while doing so. 

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