Document Verification

Real documents in real time

A fully automated way to verify that your users are signing up with real and present ID documents.


Get a high degree of certainty that your users are in possession of a genuine identity document.

Automate your process.

Reduce fraud faster and more accurately than ever before. Our technology helps you confirm that ID documents are genuine and physically present.

Automate your process.

Spot fake documents.

Automate the way you examine IDs for authenticity. Get alerted in case the document is missing security features defined by its issuing authority.

Spot fake documents.

Build trust.

We’re on a mission to build mutual trust between you and your customers. Whether you’re in a highly-regulated industry, or part of the largely-unregulated sharing economy, trust is an essential part of doing business. Real documents ensure that trust.

Build trust.


Built-in extraction

Helps the user autofill their personal information such as name, date of birth and address.

Global coverage

Access customized checks for all ID documents. Our scalable solution and extensive document knowledge enable us to cover all corners of the world.

Real-time feedback

Guides the user toward a successful verification with real-time messages and animations.

Security feature analysis

Checks that the static security features such as NFC chip and coat of arms are present on the document.

Image consistency

Compares video frames from the camera feed to ensure a user is holding the same document throughout the process.

Document liveness

Analyzes the way in which the user is moving the document to ensure it is physically present at the time of verification.

See how it works

Complete the picture.

Complete the picture.

Our Identity Suite works together to build trust between people and organizations. Gain a 360 degree view of your users by verifying their documents and identities with a secure and frictionless experience.