PhotoPay-payment slip and invoices scanner

Bill payments, revolutionized

Scan payment slips and invoices to quickly pay bills.


PhotoPay SDK eliminates manual input of payment data from standardized slips as it captures all information using a smartphone camera.


Photopay gif landascape

PhotoPay SDK is widely used in mobile banking apps for payments because it enables fast data input and significantly improves mobile banking usability. Simply position a mobile camera on a slip and data is ready in a few seconds.

PhotoPay field by field

Field-by-field scanner

Companies often use different standards for their invoices. Make the input process easier with automatic input by scanning predefined fields with a smartphone camera.


  • Real-time image processing
  • Works locally on-device, without Internet connection
  • Supports paper and electronic payment slips in various standards and countries
  • captures data by scanning a barcode or performing OCR on a complete slip

PhotoPay SDK is easily integrated into existing apps. It comes with detailed technical documentation for developers and can be customized to fit your design and become completely invisible to the end user.