BlinkID 6.8.0 Release: Glare and Blur Detection for Capturing the Highest Quality Image

BlinkID 6.8.0 was well worth the wait because we were busy working on the new image quality features that you’ve been asking for. We implemented several enhancements to improve the experience of capturing the best possible document image in real time. To the BlinkID that you know and love today, we’re adding new glare and improved blur detection, with adjustable strictness to fit your ID processing needs.

New document image quality models

Glare detection

  • We’ve introduced glare detection to remove occlusion on document images, with adjustable strictness options (relaxed, normal, strict) to suit your use case.
  • Real-time instructions during scanning include a new UI message to help users position the document correctly and reduce glare.

Improved blur detection

  • We’ve raised the threshold for our blur model, making it stricter. This improvement ensures that sharper images are accepted for processing. You can control the strictness of blur detection with three options (relaxed, normal, and strict).
  • During scanning, real-time feedback provides a new UI message to help users optimally position the document for a clear image.

Identity Documents Coverage

Subtypes of US driver’s licenses & ID cards

  • BlinkID now extracts precise information about subtypes of driver’s licenses and ID cards (e.g., conditional driver’s license, learner’s permit, provision, enhanced, etc.). This information is included in the scanning results, allowing you to tailor identity verification workflows based on document limitations.

Classifier improvements

  • We upgraded our classifier model to prevent double-capturing of the front side of a document, ensuring the front and the back sides are captured correctly. If the back side of a document is not detected, the processing status will return UnsupportedClass.

Anonymization of barcode data

  • Now, in addition to the anonymized fields already supported in the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ), there is an option to anonymize specific fields in the barcode results from an identity document. 

Document-specific bug fixes

  • We fixed the data match for Paraguay ID 2023 to cover inconsistencies between the MRZ and the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ).

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BlinkID v6.8.0 is available now for iOS, Android, Self-hosted, and Browser platforms.
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June 10, 2024

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