Document Verification product updates – August 2022

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Here’s a quick overview of all new features and supported documents in the latest version of Document Verification. Our unique full-automated solution now has:

Passive document verification

From now on, there’s no need for your customer to tilt their document to verify it. That means the active liveness is by default turned off and its components (onboarding screens, tooltip and help button) are hidden and disabled. This passive way of verifying documents is quicker and makes your flow even easier for your customers.

Adjustable scanning instructions

After knowing which document your customers use for creating an account or verifying their identity choose a type of scanning instructions that fit the document in their hands. At the moment, you can pick between a passport or an ID card.

Even more supported documents

Our list of ID documents that your customers can scan and verify gets longer with every new release and in this version we’ve added the following:

  • Australia – New South Wales – Driving license
  • Canada – British Colombia – Driving license & Public Services Card
  • Czechia – ID Card
  • Malaysia – Passport
  • New Zealand – Driving license
  • Panama – Driving license
  • Trinidad and Tobago – ID Card

We’re also happy to say that Document Verification is available as a self-hosted API and In-browser SDK. Cheers to two more ways to integrate and verify ID documents.

August 10, 2022

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