Flutter document scanner: Leveraging BlinkID’s flexibility

Integrating new tools and solutions into your existing application can get tricky. Depending on how they’re handed off, development teams can find themselves spending valuable – and usually scarce – time finding workarounds and readjusting SDKs to meet their needs. 

That’s why we’ve made it easy for Dart developers to easily integrate BlinkID into their Flutter codebase. Here’s why this is important and what it can mean for utilizing an identity document scanning and verification solution at your organization. 

What is Flutter? 

Launched by Google in 2018, Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) for cross-platform mobile application development. It’s also the most popular cross-platform framework.

And with mobile phone users so evenly spread between iOS and Android (54% vs. 44%, respectively), a cross-platform framework makes sense, saving the upfront time and resources – not to mention the ongoing development and maintenance costs –  of developing a codebase and UI for each mobile operating system.

Flutter has even surpassed React Native, its closest cross-platform competitor, in popularity. This is due in part to Dart’s structural and syntactic similarity to other object-oriented languages, which has made adoption amongst developers (and aspiring developers) easier. In addition, with Flutter, developers can leverage pre-built widgets and plugins to cut down on coding time and more easily push full features. 

BlinkID for Flutter Apps

BlinkID, Microblink’s solution for identity document scanning, takes an AI and UX-first approach to reading, extracting, and matching information from identity documents, including passports, driver licenses, travel visas, residence permits, and more. 

In industries where proof-of-identity is required as part of customer onboarding or user sign-up, BlinkID helps automate the process to make verification as streamlined as possible. This includes everything from age verification for in-home deliveries or creating an account for online sports betting to online check-ins for flights.)

Customers can easily implement BlinkID into their existing mobile and web applications, including iOS & Android apps built with Flutter, resulting in an enterprise-ready solution that serves as the foundation of any document-based identity verification experience. 

Fast and Easy Identity Scanning In Action 

Perhaps you’re building a fintech application with an emphasis on social impact. You’ve written it using Dart within a Flutter codebase not only to ensure it’s cross-platform and easy-to-use for the broadest range of customers but also easy for your developers to iterate on. As part of security and compliance, however, you need users to verify their identity utilizing an ID. 

Sending users to another service or application risks them falling out of your onboarding workflow and abandoning the process altogether, while having them send a photo of their ID to your organization takes too long and requires too much manual work. When you consider that 26% of users that abandoned an app’s onboarding did so because they experienced friction in proving their identity, you start feeling the pressure.

So what can a savvy Dart developer do? 

Leverage a pre-built solution like BlinkID.  We’ve wrapped our native SDKs into a few lines of code you can run inside your IDE of choice. You’d be surprised how easy it is to add powerful ID scanning into your cross-platform app.

BlinkID can autofill existing fields after scanning an ID to expedite your onboarding process. In fact, BlinkID’s scanning time is 5x faster and requires 2 fewer steps to complete compared to competitors’ document scanning solutions.

What We’ve Built So You Don’t Have To:

  • BlinkID supports more than 2,500 identity documents in over 140 countries. 
  • Our award-winning user interface (UI) guides users to a successful scan every time, regardless of the user’s prior technological experience.
  • BlinkID delivers over 95% data extraction accuracy – regardless of document orientation or camera angle.

Learn more about BlinkID, the easiest way to add an identity document scanner to your Flutter application. 

Unlock the potential of flutter for document scanning

Explore our Data Capture SDK in our demo app and experience the power of a smooth UX and quick extraction speed for yourself.

February 17, 2023

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