Deepfake refers to a type of synthetic media that combines existing visual or audio content with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to create manipulated or fabricated content that appears to be authentic. The term “deepfake” is derived from the words “deep learning” and “fake”. Deep learning algorithms are used to analyze and learn patterns from a large dataset of images or videos, which are then employed to generate or modify content in a realistic manner.

Deepfake technology can be used to superimpose one person’s face onto another person’s body or alter expressions, speech, or gestures in a video. The AI algorithms can capture the minutest details and nuances to create highly convincing and deceptive content. While deepfake technology has potential for entertainment and creative purposes, such as in movies or video games, it also poses serious risks, including the spread of misinformation, identity theft, and exploitation. The rapid advancement and accessibility of deepfake technology calls for increased awareness, development of detection techniques, and ethical guidelines to mitigate potential harm.

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