Global Entry Card

The Global Entry card is an identification document issued to travelers who have been approved for the Global Entry program, a trusted traveler program administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It serves as a proof of membership in the program, allowing expedited passage through customs and immigration when entering the United States from abroad.

The card contains the traveler’s biographic information, photo, and a unique identification number, which helps CBP officers quickly access the individual’s pre-screened information in their systems. With a Global Entry card, holders can use automated self-service kiosks at participating airports, avoiding long queues and immigration processing times. The card is also accepted by certain Trusted Traveler Programs with partner countries, such as NEXUS with Canada and SENTRI with Mexico, facilitating expedited entry when traveling to these countries as well.

In summary, the Global Entry card provides members with a convenient and efficient way to re-enter the United States and certain partner countries, bypassing lengthy processing times by utilizing automated kiosks and dedicated lanes at airports and land border crossings.

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