Money Mule

A money mule refers to an individual who is recruited by criminals as a middleman to transfer illegal funds or stolen money. The term “mule” is often associated with the transportation of goods, and in this context, a money mule serves as a channel for moving illicit funds, making it difficult for law enforcement to trace the money back to the criminals.

Money mules are often unsuspecting individuals who are tricked or lured into participating in money laundering schemes. They may be recruited through job advertisements, online scams, or even through personal relationships. Once recruited, money mules are usually instructed to receive funds into their bank accounts and then transfer the money to other accounts, usually in foreign countries, minus a commission for themselves. This process helps criminals hide the origin of the funds, making it harder for authorities to detect and investigate financial crimes. Money muling activities are not only illegal but can also lead to severe consequences for the individuals involved, including criminal charges and financial losses.

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