Real ID

Real ID is a new type of state-issued driver’s license and identification card in the USA. 

A specific marking on the upper top portion of the ID (such as a star symbol) easily shows if an ID or driver’s license is a REAL ID compliant document. These cards are more secure and challenging to counterfeit,  enhancing national security and reducing the risk of identity theft or fraud.

In 2005, the USA Congress established Real ID as part of the REAL ID Act, which sets minimum security standards for driver’s licenses and identification cards to enhance security in their issuance and combat identity fraud. The implementation of Real ID, with implications for domestic air travel and access to federal facilities, will be fully enforced by May 7, 2025.

At Microblink, we develop solutions for scanning and verifying identity documents globally. The latest update of our flagship product, BlinkID, supports scanning and recognizing Real ID cards. Read the latest product update.

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