Vishing, also known as voice phishing, is a scamming technique where fraudsters use voice communication, usually over the phone, to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive personal or financial information. The perpetrators impersonate trustworthy entities, such as banks, government agencies, or other reputable organizations, and manipulate victims into divulging confidential data like social security numbers, credit card details, or login credentials.

During a vishing attack, the scammer often employs various tactics to gain the victim’s trust and create a sense of urgency or fear. They may utilize Caller ID spoofing to make their phone number appear legitimate, making it harder for victims to detect the deception. The fraudsters might also employ social engineering techniques, such as posing as a customer service representative or offering special deals or rewards, to convince victims to provide the requested information. Vishing attacks can result in financial loss, identity theft, or unauthorized access to personal accounts, making it important for individuals to remain vigilant and verify the source of any requests for personal information received over the phone.

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