BlinkID honored in this year’s Innovation by Design awards

September 21, 2021
BlinkID honored in this year’s Innovation by Design awards

BlinkID, Microblink’s solution for remote user onboarding, has been honored for its user experience in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards.

This year’s honorees include nearly 600 projects, products, and services from Nike, Verizon, Microsoft, and others. BlinkID has been recognized as a product that considers a user’s journey from beginning to end in a mobile or web app.

‘’We’re extremely proud to be an honoree of Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards,’’ Ivana Cvetkovic, Head of Design at Microblink said.

‘’With BlinkID, students can get hired sooner because the temp agency has their personal information from the get-go. Drivers can get the right cover for their needs in minutes because the insurance provider has their driver’s license on file. Emergency responders can help the afflicted faster because they’re able to quickly record the identities of those involved in an accident.

‘’The product design team is in touch with these and many other problems that Microblink is solving, and that’s why we value user experience, innovation and data privacy above all else. These are some of the things that are baked into all our products and we’re thrilled to have our work honored by one of the most sought-after design awards in the industry’’, Ms Cvetkovic added.

Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company, said: “Design is not just a beauty contest. It’s something that can change the world and create solutions in a time when we face pressing global issues such as systemic racism, climate change, and a global pandemic.

‘’Many of these entries showcase these challenges while providing hope for the future through their steadfast commitment to elevate design.”

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