ICE London 2020 recap

March 30, 2020
ICE London 2020 recap

At this year’s amazing ICE London conference, we got a fresh insight into what’s happening in the gaming industry. Spending 3 days in beautiful London gave us a perspective on what will happen shortly in the world of gaming. 

There was a lot of talk about AI in the gaming industry. With applied AI in the fields of healthcare, video gaming, automotive, and finance, it would only be strange if the gaming industry didn’t adopt AI technology. AI will most definitely upscale the competitive side of the gambling experience. Machines are learning the game, and they’ll compete fiercely against human players. On the other hand, the gaming industry creates a vast amount of data, and various AI solutions can be used to process that data, for example, to improve customer service quality, create new products, reduce risks or improve responsible gaming.  

Enhancing registration & checkout processes

Our products BlinkID and BlinkCard, are two solutions that can bring a lot to the registration, KYC, and age verification processes in the gaming industry. There is always room for improvement in the customer journey steps.

Let’s go through the two significant steps in that journey. The first one is the user registration and KYC, where scanning a government-issued ID is mandatory for successful onboarding. Our product BlinkID simplifies parts of that process by providing real-time data extraction and document capture from a wide range of identity documents globally. The second step is the payment process, which is usually the part of the customer journey with high abandonment rates. With BlinkCard, customers don’t need to type in their payment card data. It enables them to use the camera of their device to scan and capture card data in real-time quickly. We’re turning the nuisance of typing long bank card numbers into a fun and easy process for customers. All our products are available as a lightweight plug and play SDK or an on-premise web API solution.

During all those steps, we’re committed to keeping businesses secure and user’s data safe. The main advantage of our mobile SDKs is that they perform scanning and extraction of data locally, on-device without a server connection. The same goes for our Web API on-premise solutions. Captured images are processed on clients’ in-house servers and infrastructure. All the sensitive information is handled and processed by the client. Because of the forwardness of the scanning process (pointing the camera at the document, and data gets extracted in real-time with high precision), Microblink’s UX provides the least amount of friction for the users. 

We are enabling the increase of the player onboarding rates and reduce drop off rate in the customer journey. With the products providing security and seamless UX, our clients can focus on building a relationship with their players while we do the heavy lifting for them. 

Our products are easily integrated into any onboarding process and are already a part of the numerous major verification or biometric solutions.

Tell us about your challenges

If you have an idea of how our solutions can help in improving your apps or business, feel free to write to us. Even if you don’t have a vision, we can help you envision it with our experience and technical expertise.

Our sales and support teams are ready to help. We would be happy to hear from you. Contact us through the links below. 

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