Identity Week wrap-up

July 3, 2019
Identity Week wrap-up

We took a trip to London for one of the biggest events evolving around identity. Here’s what we picked up.

Identity Week is the place where the world’s leading experts and solution providers meet to exchange ideas and create the future of identity. Two of our team leads, Matija and Valentina, visited the show to catch up with the latest trends.

The central theme of the event was digital ID. In three days of presentations, we got a great insight into how different governments have approached digitization of identity. While Nordic countries are already having great success with the introduction of eIDs, the rest of the world is a bit behind, but a growing number of countries are climbing on the bandwagon.

From all the presentations and discussions we attended, our general impression is that it’s still way too early to talk about full digitization. Many presenters proposed feasible, practical approaches to identity digitization. Most presenters prioritized optimization of traditional physical documents and of related authentication and verification methods.

It was great to see that the conversation on mobile IDs also gained momentum, as we’ve been working on linking physical and digital identity on mobile devices for several years now. 

We were especially happy to have our solution BlinkID recognized by the leading identity companies as a seamless and reliable tool for data extraction from IDs. 

All in all, it was quite an inspiring week and we’re excited to see what awaits us the next time.

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