Igor Strejček is the new Managing Director of Microblink for Croatia

March 21, 2021
Igor Strejček is the new Managing Director of Microblink for Croatia

Microblink expands its executive team to accelerate the company’s global growth.

  • Igor Strejček comes from Erste Bank to take on the top position in Croatia
  • Microblink co-founders Izet Ždralović and Damir Sabol step down from the executive team to assume advisory and supervisory responsibilities within the company
  • The move will help accelerate Microblink’s growth in global markets and further improve its unique AI-based computer vision platform

Zagreb, Croatia – Microblink, a global leader in AI-based computer vision technology used by over 100 million people worldwide, continues to strengthen its executive team after securing its first growth investment in mid-December of last year. The company announced today that Igor Strejček has taken on the role of Managing Director for Croatia while also acting as the Global Vice President of Operations.

Mr. Strejček arrives at Microblink from his previous position as Head of Direct Channels Division at Erste Bank, where he led a successful joint integration of the ‘scan and pay’ solution that boosted Microblink’s market presence and reputation.

In the new organizational structure, Mr. Strejček joins global CEO Darren Bassman and global CTO Jurica Cerovec to become a member of Microblink’s executive team. Co-founders Izet Ždralović and Damir Sabol step down from the same team to assume advisory and supervisory responsibilities within the company. Mr. Ždralović is taking on a senior advisory position where he will continue to promote the company’s development using his vast understanding of technology and global markets. Sabol is joining the newly-formed Board of Directors. 

‘’Ten years ago, when Damir showed me the first prototype of PhotoPay, I believed the solution could drastically simplify the way people pay their bills using a mobile banking app,‘’ Mr. Strejček, Microblink’s Managing Director for Croatia, said. 

‘’Today, the partnership we’ve formed while working on joint projects including Scan and Pay, Keks Pay and George reaches a new dimension. Damir is placing his trust in me as the new member of Microblink’s dream team to help accelerate the company’s growth and global market presence. This makes me feel exceptionally proud and motivated‘’, he added.

In the eight years since it was founded, Microblink has developed a comprehensive AI platform for computer vision as well as six key products that have become a global standard for digitizing documents and automating data entry. Microblink’s first and most widely used product in Croatia, PhotoPay, removed the need to line up and pay for bills in person. The solution lets users make bill payments quickly and easily, from their favorite mobile banking app.

Besides PhotoPay, some of the products that have made Microblink a success include BlinkID (for digitizing identity documents), BlinkCard (for digitizing payment cards) and BlinkReceipt (for digitizing retail receipts). A large number of companies spanning the financial, insurance, market research and retail industries have recognized these solutions. 

‘’I am thrilled about Igor’s arrival, and I’m sure that he will make a substantial difference in Microblink,‘’ Damir Sabol, a member of the Board of Directors at Microblink, said.

‘’I can proudly say that Microblink is taking serious steps toward building out a strong management team with a clear aim of accelerating a new phase of the company’s global reach. I’d also like to congratulate Izet and Jurica, who have successfully managed Microblink operations over the last few years. I’m happy that they will continue contributing to the development of the company,‘’ he added.

Microblink currently employs 111 full-time employees in Croatia, and the company has made 50 new hires in the last year alone. 

‘’Igor brings a wealth of leadership experience, and a deep understanding of our products and end markets that will benefit the company greatly,‘’ Darren Bassman, CEO at Microblink, said.

‘’His optimistic attitude and positive demeanor is a perfect match for the culture that has been fostered by the entire company to date. I’m excited to work with him and the rest of the team to bring our computer vision products to more people around the world. While our goals are ambitious, the strength of our team gives me confidence that we can make a meaningful difference in the global AI landscape while creating many new and exciting career opportunities in Croatia.’’ he added.

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