Microblink at MWC 2019

March 6, 2019
Microblink at MWC 2019

MWC Barcelona is a show like no other. Gathering over 100k industry experts, innovators and techies from all around the world, it offers an exciting look into how the digital ecosystem will shape our future.

This was our fifth year at MWC, and we have to say – each year only gets better. We didn’t have much time to catch rest after our demo at Finovate Europe, as we also took our latest innovation in Barcelona. The event theme was “Intelligent Connectivity”, highlighting ideas and solutions enabled by 5G and the Internet of Things, as well as artificial intelligence and big data. We were happy to showcase new advances we made in building our machine learning system, as well as newly developed solutions: new BlinkID features and a brand new product: BlinkCard.

Beyond seamless

BlinkID is the fastest and easiest way for users to enter their data in any onboarding process. So far, it’s been used for fast fill-in of user’s data in account/user registration, remote KYC, driver registration in ridesharing apps, prepaid user registration in telcos, and various other use cases. It’s already a significant upgrade in the customer journey as is, but we are always looking for new ways to improve it.

In some use cases that require data extraction from different types of identity documents and different countries, the user had to preselect the document they would like to scan manually. With the newly added features, we have eliminated any need for manual effort on the user’s side. With intelligent document detection, BlinkID now recognizes the country of origin and the type of identity document automatically, on its own.

All the user has to do is point the camera at the document, and all data is captured real-time with high precision in less than a second. What’s more, with added AR instructions, BlinkID enables detection at an angle or distance and provides real-time feedback to the user to ensure quick and precise data extraction.

New product: BlinkCard

Next to BlinkID, we were excited to announce our brand new product: BlinkCard.

BlinkCard saves users from the nuisance of typing in long bank card numbers by enabling swift, real-time scanning of credit and bank cards – faster than any other credit card scanner out there.

It’s a long-needed solution that turns the part of the customer journey with usually high abandonment rates into a seamless and fun step in onboarding.

Both in BlinkID and BlinkCard, scanning is done on-device, which enables enterprises to have complete control over deciding how to handle the information from the security point of view. They are available as mobile SDKs or Web APIs, compatible with all verification or biometric solutions. They enable secure and effortless entry of user data, making various business processes much more efficient and saving time for end users.

All in all, we’re very thankful to have been part of this year’s MWC Barcelona. We got a glimpse into the new world; we witnessed new industry trends and standards being set up and experienced a variety of fun and creative applications. We are proud to have presented our latest achievements in computer vision technology as part of the new, ground-breaking digital realm.

We want to thank all MWC attendees for their interest. It was lovely to meet you and we were happy to have shown you the results of hard work and dedication of the entire Microblink team. Special thanks to our clients and partners, and all visitors who’ve been following us over the years and keep coming back to see what new stuff we’re cooking up.

The tour continues…

We’re excited to announce that Microblink will also exhibit at MWC Shanghai! Stay tuned for more upcoming news and event announcements.  

Want to see our products in action?

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