Microblink is a technology provider at Novathon #withPBZ!

September 5, 2017
Microblink is a technology provider at Novathon #withPBZ!

We’re proud to support this year’s Novathon #withPBZ, a 24-hour innovative marathon to create cutting-edge applications for responsive, mobile, and branch banking!

The competition will take place in Zagreb, on September 23-24th. All participants will have the chance to use our SDKs (software development kits) to boost UX within their creative solutions. Our iOS and Android developers, Jura Škrlec and Ivan Grce, will also be there as mentors to help anyone with technical details or just to have a chat.

Hack the hackathon!

As Microblink’s employees have taken part in hackathons before they are happy to share some tips with you!

Understand the goal. Make sure you understand the challenge set by the organizer. If possible, come up with some ideas ahead of time. Don’t rush into programming right away! Take some time in the very beginning to come up with an action plan and then try to stick to it till the end.

Make use of the tools. There are plenty of tools provided to you by sponsors and tech providers. Don’t overlook them!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most of the times we would not be able to finish developing our project. Believe it or not, 24 hours is not enough to make a flawless solution – remember not to stress over minor details, but to still stay focused and motivated towards the end goal.

Have lots of fun. Things can get stressful as the clock is ticking. That’s why you shouldn’t forget the best reasons why you got there: to meet new people, enjoy good food, and HAVE FUN. 🙂

We wish all teams good luck! Looking forward to seeing you at Novathon #withPBZ 🙂

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