Our first two apps are now available at HUAWEI AppGallery

March 20, 2020
Our first two apps are now available at HUAWEI AppGallery

We’re happy to announce that Huawei users can now download BlinkID & Microblink Vision as the first two Microblink demo apps at AppGallery.

The HUAWEI AppGallery has been available for years now. Still, little less than a year, Huawei has decided to push it more actively as an alternative in the global markets. At this moment, AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries, and according to Huawei, there are 400 million monthly users. 

AppGallery is the place to discover Android apps optimized to perform faster, smoother, and longer on Huawei & Honor phones. You can already find some of the users’ favorite apps there. For example, Snapchat, TikTok, Deezer, Amazon, Amazon Prime Videos, Booking.com, BBC News. We’re keeping up with the trends and demands of the market to make sure that all the end-users have the same experience while using our products. 

The BlinkID app is the first one to be in the AppGallery because it greatly showcases the Microblink’s AI-powered technology. It’s optimized for scanning and extracting data from numerous types of identity documents. The app offers an opportunity to test out our technology in a real-life context. It automates data input and enables the digitization of identity documents within seconds. Scanning is done automatically, and extracted data immediately appears on the screen. By tapping the share button, all data gets sent as PDF to an email or messaging service. Extracted data can also be viewed later in the scan history. It shows the last ten scans that are available at all times. Our users enjoy useful features of the app and continue to save and share personal data extracted from their identity documents. Try it out for yourself by downloading BlinkID from the AppGallery here.

The second newest addition to the AppGallery is Microblink Vision, a demo app that contains all our products and their latest versions. You can choose between products and different use cases in the app. That makes navigating through the app and scanning fast and understandable. If you’re not sure what product would be suitable for your business, Microblink Vision is the right app to download. Explore all the possibilities of the Microblink Vision app here.

We’re delighted to have users all around the world. Making our showcase applications available to all of them is very important to us, so we hope to bring the rest of the demo apps to the platform shortly.

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