VIDEO: Our MWC Barcelona 2020 Short is live

August 21, 2020
VIDEO: Our MWC Barcelona 2020 Short is live

Normally, our team would’ve boarded a flight to Spain earlier this year to attend the world’s biggest mobile communications event there is – MWC Barcelona 2020

This would have been our sixth time attending the congress was it not for this year’s unexpected turn of events that forced GSMA to call the showcase off. 

Still, we got a chance to take part in the conference by submitting an MWC Short – a video of what we would’ve talked about on-site in Barcelona, as part of our Transformative AI Tour.

We wanted to give people a real taste of how our products make people’s lives easier through applied AI. Sure, it took our Account Manager Tomislav a few takes, but we’re quite happy with the end result. 

Even though it’s a pity the physical event in Barcelona couldn’t go on as planned, we are excited to take our presentation online and share the digital stage with the likes of Dell, NVIDIA and Intel. 

And just because it’s not a physical presentation doesn’t mean we don’t take questions. If you’d like to find out more about BlinkID or any of Microblink’s products (and there’s plenty to learn), drop us a line and we’ll get back to you shortly. Or, in the spirit of a real conference, you can message Tomislav directly via LinkedIn.

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