Age verification

Verify people’s age without sacrificing user experience

Secure age verification with AI powered scanning of any government-issued ID.

Websites and applications offering age-restricted goods and services must comply with varying regional laws by requiring users to present a form of ID to confirm their age.

For legitimate customers, being burdened with unnecessary age verification steps or having to wait a long time to be accepted onto a platform adds friction, potentially leading people to abandon the process (or their cart) altogether.

By incorporating real-time ID capture and verification, businesses can prevent bad actors while welcoming genuine customers.

Whether placing a time-sensitive bet or refilling a prescription for home delivery, people simply show both sides of the identity document in front of the camera and BlinkID or BlinkID Verify will do the rest.

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BENEFITS How can Microblink help you acquire more genuine customers?

We deliver exceptional accuracy without compromising the practical needs of keeping up with changing age verification regulations.

Boost customer acquisition rates

We designed effortless experience to present ID card and prove age. Verification is fast and keeps ineligible people out. Our products scan over 2500 various ID types in three scripts (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic), so you can attract new customers worldwide.

Reduce operational costs

With BlinkID or BlinkID Verify, you can automate age eligibility and save time on manual revisions. We offer APIs or SDKs that can easily be integrated into your existing flow without disrupting user experience.

Ensure compliance

You can focus on serving your customers while we capture the best image of an ID, extract the data and validate if a document is genuine with high accuracy and in one simple flow.

We support 2,500+ different identity documents from over 140 countries.

Why your customers will love the age verification process?

They can relax, it’s easy – Our award-winning UI (available in 23 languages) does not require document pre-selection and guides users to a successful first-time scan, no matter their digital proficiency or application type.

They can save time – Scanning ID card and verifying people’s age  takes less than 10 seconds.

They can trust your business – Checking ID and verifying age are integrated seamlessly into your customer onboarding flow. The scanning is done in your environment, meaning you will manage your customers’ data and ensure their security and privacy.


We are passionate about leading the way in capturing, scanning, and verifying global identity documents.


various identity
documents supported

4 billion

identity documents scanned per year

< 1 second

average time to capture and extract data

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Document scanning

Quickly and securely scan and extract data from identity cards, passports, drivers licenses, and more.

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Document verification
BlinkID Verify

With an additional layer, quickly verify if an ID is fake or real.

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