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Unlock faster customer acquisition with a user-friendly ID scanning and verification process.

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to onboarding new customers. Businesses want to acquire real people to use their services or buy products. Sign-up forms with integrated identity verification should be straightforward to drive high conversion rates and new revenue.

Striking the perfect balance between robust security and a seamless user experience is the key to reaching growth objectives.

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benefits How can Microblink drive new revenue for your business?

Our industry-leading solutions for scanning and verifying various identity documents will help you:

Increase your revenue

We crafted an award-winning experience for ID processing that's effortless for real people. Signing up is faster and keeps fraudsters out, boosting your conversions.

Reach your customers anywhere

Do you run a business globally or want to expand to new markets? We support scanning over 2500 various ID types in three scripts (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic) from more than 140 countries.

Save time on integration

We offer APIs and SDKs designed for seamless incorporation into your existing systems, enhancing your onboarding flow without disrupting user experience.

We support 2,500+ different identity documents from over 140 countries.

Why your customers will love the onboarding process?

They can relax, it’s easy – Our solution is for everyone, regardless of their tech skills. A user-friendly interface will guide them in completing the process every time, on every device or platform, and on the go.

They can save time – They perform scanning in one simple step and complete ID processing in less than 10 seconds.

They can trust your business – The document verification integrates seamlessly into your onboarding flow. The scanning process is done in your environment, meaning you will manage your customers’ data and ensure their security and privacy.

why microblink?

Because we are passionate about leading the way in capturing, scanning, and verifying global identity documents.


various identity
documents supported

3 billion

identity documents scanned per year

1 < second

average time to capture and extract data

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Document scanning

Quickly and securely scan and extract data from identity cards, passports, drivers licenses, and more.

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Document verification
BlinkID Verify

With an additional layer, quickly verify if an ID is fake or real.

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