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Increase conversion and ensure safer online transactions

Mitigate the risk of card-not-present fraud with fast, accurate, and secure credit and debit card scanning.

For businesses, the losses associated with credit card fraud are more than just financial; they damage brand reputation and fracture trust. Card-not-present fraud is responsible for over 75% of credit card fraud globally and has only increased in the last few years in our growing digital economy.

Reduce card-not-present fraud with BlinkCard. Our AI-powered payment card scanning software integrates into existing mobile and web payment flow to detect and capture data from credit and debit cards issued by major global providers.

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BENEFITS How can Microblink drive new revenue for your business?

Our best-in-class credit card scanning will help you:

Increase your revenue

We crafted an award-winning experience scanning credit and debit cards that's fast and accurate, meaning higher conversion rates at checkout processes.

Ensure privacy and security

BlinkCard snaps clear, high-resolution images of both sides of a payment card. Additionally, it can mask certain parts of the payment card (in results and on cropped images) to comply with relevant data privacy laws.

Save time on integration

BlinkCard seamlessly integrates into your existing payment process without disrupting the user experience. It runs directly on device or your servers.

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Why will your customers love the checkout process?

It’s easy – BlinkCard is easy for everyone, regardless of their tech skills. It’s highly accurate so that people can avoid mistakes like manual typing.

They save time – They perform scanning in one simple step and complete ID processing in less than a second.

They trust your company – BlinkCard integrates into your environment, meaning you will manage your customers’ data and ensure their security and privacy.


We are passionate about leading the way in capturing and scanning credit and debit cards from all major card issuers.


Supported credit and debit cards. Whether embossed, indent, engraved, or printed, our sophisticated tech can handle all payment methods.


Languages (and counting) available through our customizable UI. Real-time feedback messages guide users to a successful scan every time.

<5 MB

Size of our easy-to-implement mobile SDK. BlinkCard is available to integrate as a mobile SDK, in-browser SDK, or self-hosted API.

We offer a free mobile or web demo app for you to explore.


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