Save time at check-in and attract more happy guests

With ID card scanning and verification solutions, travelers will breeze past the front desk and head straight to their adventure.

Travelers today demand seamless, fast, and even contactless check-in experiences. Check-in or boarding processes can be a game-changer for guests or passengers by providing convenience, reducing wait times, and enhancing overall satisfaction. 

That is why leading travel companies like Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines trust Microblink for their ID verification needs. We offer identity document scanning solutions for remote or on-site check-in processes, whether you're an airline, cruise operator, or hotel group.

No one likes to wait, especially when facing time crunches like catching a plane or when exhausted after a long day of travel. Whether it's reducing queues at airport kiosks and desks, avoiding embarkation delays, or speeding up room access, Microblink accelerates critical traveler ID scanning processes during check-in. 

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BENEFITS How can Microblink help you to check in guests or passengers faster?

Our products for scanning and verifying various ID cards will help you create an effortless check-in experience.

Increase revenue

Check in more happy guests faster. Microblink's products capture, extract, and verify information from any government-issued ID in under a second, ensuring high accuracy.

Elevate guest satisfaction

Reduce waiting time and have no worries about processing IDs globally. We support scanning over 2,500 ID types in three scripts (Latin, Arabic, and Cyrillic) from more than 140 countries.

Ensure security and reliability

We offer APIs and SDKs designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing PMS without disrupting guests' experience.

We support 2,500+ different identity documents from over 140 countries.

Why will travelers love the check-in process?

It’s easy – For remote or contactless check-in, guests can securely scan their ID from the comfort of their homes before arrival. A user-friendly interface will guide them through the process every time, on every device or platform, and on the go.

They save time – With fast and easy ID card scanning software, the front desk teams can save time for guests and focus on higher-value guest service needs instead of manually inputting personal information.

They trust your brand – The scanning and verification process is done in your environment, meaning you will manage your customers’ data and ensure their security and privacy.


We are passionate about leading the way in capturing, scanning, and verifying global identity documents.


various identity
documents supported

4 billion

identity documents scanned per year

< 1 second

average time to capture and extract data

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Document scanning

Quickly and securely scan and extract data from identity cards, passports, drivers licenses, and more.

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Document verification
BlinkID Verify

With an additional layer, quickly verify if an ID is fake or real.

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