Visitor management

Optimize reception process while increasing security

Improving visitor experience and security starts with fast and easy ID card scanning.

The visitor management process is crucial to nurturing the satisfaction of guests and hosts, improving efficiency, and ultimately building a strong brand.

Whether you're managing a property company with a portfolio of large corporate buildings and government offices or overseeing hotel groups, BlinkID and BlinkID Verify automate identity document record keeping. Additionally, these systems enhance safety measures by accurately tracking and controlling access while creating a positive visitor experience.

Your guests will undoubtedly come from various countries or regions, each with unique identity documents. Your organization should focus on the effectiveness and convenience of the visitor management process and not on manual data entry.

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BENEFITS How can Microblink help you to register guests faster?

Our award-winning solutions for scanning and verifying various identity documents will help you optimize your facility access process.

Elevate visitor experience

We designed a simple flow to scan and verify ID cards effortlessly while keeping fraudsters out. Our products scan over 2,500 various ID types in three scripts (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic) so you can register visitors from around the world.

Reduce costs

Microblink eliminates the need for manual checks, shortens each visitor's reception time, optimizes the facility access process, and saves on record maintenance.

Ensure safety

Our product BlinkID Verify captures the best image of any ID, extracts the data and very accurately validates whether a document is genuine, all in one simple flow. Our API is easy to integrate into your system and you will manage personal data.

We support 2,500+ different identity documents from over 140 countries.

Why your customers will love the age verification process?

It’s easy – You can create a process to register visitors before they arrive on the premises. Our products are for everyone, regardless of their tech skills, so people will be able to successfully register on the first try, on every device or platform, and on the go.

They will save time – Scanning and verifying a document with Microblink solutions takes less than 10 seconds and is done in one simple step.

They can trust your brand – The scanning is integrated into your environment, meaning you will manage visitors’ data to ensure their security and privacy.


We are passionate about leading the way in capturing, scanning, and verifying global identity documents.


various identity
documents supported

4 billion

identity documents scanned per year

< 1 second

average time to capture and extract data

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Explore our solutions to achieve smooth visitor management and automate record keeping.

Document scanning

Quickly and securely scan and extract data from identity cards, passports, drivers licenses, and more.

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Document verification
BlinkID Verify

With an additional layer, quickly verify if an ID is fake or real.

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