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Foster customer trust with our highly accurate ID card verification solutions.

In highly regulated industries, such as banking, crypto, credit and other financial institutions, a significant part of the business is managing fraud risks and avoiding legal or financial sanctions if non-compliant.

However, requirements can mean additional friction in online customer journeys. Each business sets a different risk level to strike the right balance between minimizing fraud and ensuring a simple customer experience.

With Microblink's solutions for document verification, you can automate KYC and AML processes to enhance compliance efforts and protect against fraud more effectively.

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BENEFITS How can Microblink enable your KYC & AML compliance?

We understand it's not only for the sake of compliance, but it's about making sure the customer transactions are safe and reliable for everyone involved.

Reduce operational costs

With BlinkID or BlinkID Verify, you can automate your KYC and AML checks and save time on manual revisions. We ensure capturing the best image of an ID, extracting the data with highest accuracy and checking if a document is genuine in one, fast and simple flow.

Increase customer satisfaction

Convenience and speed of identity verification are at the core of our solutions, ensuring you onboard more new customers. If you have a global customer database we got you covered, as we support various types of identity documents, in three scripts, from more than 140 countries.

Minimize fraud with high accuracy

Our AI engine ensures that the best image of an ID is captured, the data is extracted with the highest accuracy, and a document is verified in one fast and simple flow. You can incorporate BlinkID or BlinkID Verify into your processes and perform additional fraud monitoring simultaneously.

We support 2,500+ different identity documents from over 140 countries.

Why your customers will love the verification process?

So easy and fast at the same time – We envisioned that scanning and verifying an ID document should be simple for everyone, regardless of their tech skills. An intuitive interface with smart messaging guides people to successfully prove their identity, on any device, and on the go. Capturing, scanning and verifying an ID takes about 10 seconds.

Trustworthy and secure – Whether onboarding a new customer or reverifying an existing one, you can incorporate BlinkID or BlinkID Verify into your flow and branding. Our AI engine captures high-quality images, allowing you to perform additional checks within your risk and fraud monitoring environment. Scanning and verification SDK or API are integrated into your environment so you can ensure the highest level of customer security and privacy.


We are passionate about leading the way in capturing, scanning, and verifying global identity documents.


various identity
documents supported

4 billion

identity documents scanned per year

< 1 second

average time to capture and extract data

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Document scanning

Quickly and securely scan and extract data from identity cards, passports, drivers licenses, and more.

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Document verification
BlinkID Verify

With an additional layer, quickly verify if an ID is fake or real.

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