Seamless Middle East 2022, Dubai

May 17, 2022
Seamless Middle East 2022, Dubai

Halla, friends! We’re looking forward to spending two days among exciting payment, fintech, identity, retail and e-commerce companies at Seamless Middle East 2022. 

Meet us at booth D58 to see customer verification and onboarding that doesn’t burden your customers or your sign-up flow. Our Document and Identity Verification remove the unknown variable from your relationship with the end user.

Let’s take an onboarding process as an example. Users scan their identity documents with Document Scanning – a simple solution that extracts all the data you need from any identity document. At the same time, that document gets checked by Document Verification. It tells if the document is present and real. After that, users need to take a selfie that gets compared to the image from the already checked document. If the person who owns the document is the one taking a selfie, you’ve got yourself a verified user. And yes, it’s that easy for both you and your users. 

Join us in Dubai to see the future of online customer verification and registration or schedule a demo with one of our experts here.

Integrate ID verification into your existing application