Shoptalk Global Event 2018, Las Vegas

March 18, 2018
Shoptalk Global Event 2018, Las Vegas

From Chicago to Las Vegas in a blink: after successful exhibition at P2P Summit, we’re happy to present our revolutionary product BlinkReceipt at the world’s largest gathering in the retail industry!

BlinkReceipt voyage continues: after receiving the Best of Show Award at FinovateSpring 2017 in San Jose, our retail receipt scanner has been dazzling more and more audiences in the retail and FinTech industry, both across the US and worldwide. The most recent news: it won another Best of Show Award at Finovate Europe in London for one of the best showcases.

What are we bringing to Vegas?

This year’s mantra in pretty much every industry is: if you have enough data, you can do anything.

Imagine if you had instant access to huge amounts of consumer purchase data – in real time. You could easily improve your credit scoring, have better targeted campaigns and drive new value across your organization.

If you’re coming to Shoptalk, you’ll have the opportunity to have a look at BlinkReceipt – a revolutionary tool that finally unlocks the full value of retail receipts by extracting all data using a mobile device camera and offering a comprehensive insight into consumers’ purchases.

Built on advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology optimized for mobile devices, BlinkReceipt is the most powerful and cost-effective way to collect consumer purchase data as it only requires a mobile device camera for scanning, is easily integrated into mobile apps, and scales infinitely. It has great potential in a wide range of use cases: from cashback, market research to personal finance management.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll be able to see live in action at our booth:

Come meet us at Shoptalk! We’d be happy to show you BlinkReceipt live and discuss how it can unlock new value for your business.

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