Optical character recognition powered by machine learning.


Enable an excellent UX in your app with the best in class mobile OCR.

Real-time OCR allows mobile app developers to solve a range of text recognition problems using a mobile device camera. Our high precision real-time text recognition is based on the latest research in machine learning and it is highly optimized for mobile devices.

Machine learning approach

Scanning complex use-cases

DeepOCR is designed as a custom-made machine learning system for OCR. Our research team is continuously inventing new, state-of-the-art neural networks, and our development team makes sure that the networks run fast while requiring minimal memory. This ensures high accuracy and speed when supporting even the most complex use cases.

Technology optimized for mobile

Optimized for mobile

Developed and optimized specifically for mobile devices, our text recognition technology uses all the computing power of a mobile device for real-time performance on a device. Parallel processing with SIMD and multithreading, as well as our integrated camera management, provide the fastest and most accurate OCR results.

Mobile OCR technology

Endless possibilities

Mobile OCR technology is the core of all our products, which improve user experience in a wide variety of use cases: from mobile payments, user onboarding, KYC, expense tracking, ticket validation, airport and hotel check-in to security and voting registration. We love to take on new, challenging use cases that push our tech development even further!