Intelligent computer vision powered by AI.

Intelligent computer vision powered by AI.


Machine learning at the core of our research and development

Our proprietary machine learning system enables us to tackle even the hardest text recognition challenges with great speed and efficiency while ensuring fast delivery and integration into any mobile or web platform.

Technology - data-driven process

Data-driven process

Collecting, storing, and managing vast amounts of data has a vital role in machine learning. That is why we carefully designed an automated system with a designated data team to ensure the highest level of accuracy, speed, and security throughout the whole learning process.

Technology - advanced research methods

Advanced research methods

Our highly skilled team of researchers have a strong background in computer vision, and their active machine learning research regularly outperforms the latest published academic work. They attend the world’s top conferences in the field (such as NIPS, ECCV, ICDAR, and alike), and continuously invent new, state-of-the-art neural networks.

Technology - fast on-device deployment

Fast on-device deployment

The extensive research efforts are complemented by the work of our experienced C++ development team. Their custom neural network runner ensures fast deployment and the highest performance level in real-time, on-premise, and low-memory conditions.