That’s a wrap on Finovate Europe

February 17, 2019
That’s a wrap on Finovate Europe

Microblink is a regular guest at Finovate events around the world. This time in London, we took the stage to present our latest data extraction solutions for creating effortless customer onboarding process.

The financial industry has become well aware of the importance of user experience in laborious processes such as payments and customer onboarding. By eliminating manual data input in such processes, Microblink’s data extraction technology has not only made the dreary tasks more efficient but also turned them into a fun and engaging part for customers in over 60 banks worldwide.

In the past few months, our team has reached great milestones in developing new features and we’re proud to have been selected once again to show them to the Finovate audience. Our representatives Valentina Kušek, Head of Sales, and Jurica Cerovec, CTO, offered an exclusive look at the newest upgrades to our most popular product, BlinkID, as well as a brand new product, BlinkCard.

Watch our seven-minute demo and take a closer look!

BlinkID is the fastest and easiest way for users to enter their data in any onboarding process. It has proven a valuable tool as the first step of remote verification processes. For example, iProov used it as part of their biometric authentication solution, which they also showcased in their Finovate demo.

Faster, simpler, smoother

In some BlinkID use cases that require data extraction from different types of identity documents and different countries, the user has to preselect the document they would like to scan manually.

In the demo, Valentina put it in a real-life context: “Think of an example: one of our clients is an insurance provider in Malaysia, where there are over five official types of identity documents. With hundreds of agents out on the field who are using BlinkID to prepopulate insurance forms, preselecting the document type manually is time-consuming, so we sat down and rethought the process.”

With the newly added features, we have eliminated any need for manual effort on the user’s side. Using intelligent document detection, BlinkID now recognizes the country of origin and the type of identity document automatically on its own, powering a truly seamless & frictionless digital customer journey.

New product launch

That’s not all, folks!

Valentina continued: “In online purchases, for example, customers not only need to type in their personal information, but also give out the payment card details. This is the part of the process where customers are prone to make mistakes in data entry. That’s why we developed BlinkCard.”

BlinkCard saves users from the nuisance of typing in long bank card numbers by enabling swift, real-time scanning of credit and bank cards – faster than any other credit card scanner out there. It’s a long-needed solution that turns the part of the customer journey with usually high abandonment rates into a seamless and fun step for users.

It captures data from any card, embossed or printed, on various backgrounds and layouts.

Both in BlinkID and BlinkCard, scanning is done on-device, which enables enterprises to have complete control over deciding how to handle the information from the security point of view. They are available as mobile SDKs or Web APIs, compatible with all verification or biometric solutions. They enable secure and effortless entry of user data, making it efficient for both businesses and end users.

Want to see our products in action?

There are plenty of ways you can try out BlinkID or BlinkCard – and they’re all free.

Download the BlinkID demo app on iOS or Android.

Explore all products and various use cases in our free Microblink Vision app. Get it on iOS or Android.

You can also try the mobile SDKs & Web APIs and see how they would work as part of your app or website, by registering on our Developers site.

For any questions, please contact our team below. We’d love to have a chat with you. 

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