The ACE Cards in Digital Customer Onboarding

November 9, 2018
The ACE Cards in Digital Customer Onboarding

Our partner company in Malaysia, Innov8tif will hold two discussion sessions, where industry experts of various backgrounds will gather to talk about the current trends and challenges in transforming digital customer onboarding.

Customer onboarding is a largely manual, time-consuming and expensive process, and there is plenty of room for efficiency and optimization. Quick and easy online experiences are no longer the consumers’ demand, but more of a common-sense expectation.
We find the ever-emerging challenges and trends in this field important for everyone to know about and act on. No matter what part of the supply chain you’re in, jumping on the innovation train will help you optimize your business processes, mitigate security concerns, and delight your users. Trust us, we’re talking from real-life experience in the telco industry!

That’s why we’re happy to be joining specialists from various backgrounds, including our partner Innov8tif, to discuss how the three ACE Cards – AI, compliance, and e-KYC – interact with each other and impact the development of user experience. Join our colleagues Valentina Kusek and Boris Trubic in either of the two 3-hour experience sharing sessions, where we will touch upon various topics: from machine learning and regulatory compliance guidelines to what it takes to build a new, more efficient digital customer onboarding journey.

Apply for the events below or schedule a meeting with us in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta if you’re interested.

Kuala Lumpur, 9 November 2018

Jakarta, 12 November 2018

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