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Speed and convenience are key advantages in the growing ride-hailing service industry. Get users to where they need to be in the fastest and most effortless way possible. With combined scanning of identity documents, driver’s licenses and credit cards, users and drivers can register into ridesharing or carpooling apps in only a few seconds.

Excellent sales & marketing tool

From the initial test drive and vehicle purchase to maintenance and repair administration, car dealerships (and rent-a-car or similar service providers) can enhance the whole customer journey with powerful computer vision. Our real-time data entry solutions for mobile or web apps empower efficient customer service by scanning data from IDs, driver’s licenses, VINs & license plates, warranty documents, and various other types of structured data.

Transform your customer service with advanced tech features:

  • Supported documents in over 150 countries worldwide (IDs, passports, visas, work permit, and other)
  • Autodetection of the type and country of issue for IDs
  • Simple plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Customizable features & design - combine multiple SDKs or APIs for scanning different types of data
  • Compatibility with all verification or biometric solutions
  • Ensured security with offline, on-device processing (no third-party servers)


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