Bills, contracts, notices, receipts… An inevitable part of any adult’s life is managing countless important documents. No matter the sector, each service provider has its own administrative processes and requirements. Juggling all of them can eat up quite some time in the day and become overwhelming at times.

Doccle makes managing administration easier for over a million users in Belgium by enabling them to gather all of their administrative documents on a single digital platform.

How Doccle works

Doccle was founded in 2014 between four partners. Having recognized inefficiencies and confusion that come with handling administration, they have strived to build a user-friendly, centralized platform for all of their administration-related documents and tasks. Doccle’s CEO Mr. Bram Lerouge stated: “We have always been strongly focused on building an interactive and interconnected administration tool. We encourage an innovative approach in development to continuously upgrade our service and make it easier to use.” 

The app works on an incredibly simple principle: upon registration, every Belgian citizen can connect to their eBox (a platform for online social security services) and with a range of different companies, from telecom, utility, insurance to banking. 




It is an incredibly versatile tool that has something in store for everyone. For example, individuals use it to organize personal finance & administration, business owners use it for efficient management of their company data, and retirees use it to have a clear overview of retirement notices, bills, and other.

Doccle app on ipad

The scan & pay solution

With a great number of possibilities that Doccle offers, PhotoPay seemed like a logical extension of the app that would provide extra value for the users. PhotoPay is Microblink’s SDK that captures payment data from payment slips and invoices to enable the easiest and fastest processing of payment transactions.

“We have chosen Microblink’s solution because of its simple onboarding and use, and because we believe in Microblink’s continuous innovative development”, said Mr. Lerouge, “as with all other services, it is also possible to integrate our service through API's in our clients’ portals and websites. Because of the great quality of Microblink’s OCR technology, we decided to distribute the scan & pay solution on its own to our Belgian clients.” 


Let’s talk numbers

Doccle’s approach has proven to be very successful. From initial cooperation between four partners, it has grown to establish partnerships with 85 different companies. Today it enables 1.2 million Belgians to connect with those companies and manage their administration in a quick, easy, and secure manner. According to Mr. Lerouge, Doccle users save an average of 31 hours per year spent on handling administration. The app is continuously upgraded based on the feedback from its users and partners. It is funded by its partners and will always remain free for its users. The longterm goal is to have 80% of Belgians to move their administration to digital.

Doccle is an excellent example of how computer vision can be added to any app and provide extra value to users. Microblink’s range of computer vision solutions is used in many other mobile and web apps to eliminate manual data entry and improve the user experience. All of our products are plug & play solutions which are easily integrated into existing apps and can be customized entirely and made invisible to the end user.

To learn how computer vision can help your business and improve the experience for your customers, try out PhotoPay and other Microblink products for free. And if you want to have a chat about your use case, feel free to get in touch with us below!