Remote customer verification

If you're in the business of verifying people are who they say they are, our intelligent, secure data extraction solutions will be the right fit. For example, with BlinkID, you can leverage the power of AI-driven ID scanning to capture personal information from identity documents in mere seconds, all while adhering to the strictest security standards. We also enable accurate, real-time data extraction from credit cards, and various other forms and documents that users may be required to enter in any verification process.

All of products are developed for plug&play integration into any existing mobile or web apps, browsers and custom hardware and are easily paired with various verification and biometric solutions. Together, they facilitate a seamless yet robust UX for identity verification companies worldwide.

Enhance user experience in identity verification with advanced tech features:

  • Accurate & blazing-fast data extraction (including document and face images)
  • Support for nearly all government-issued identity documents, including passports, IDs, visas, work permits, and more. See the full list
  • AI-powered scanning that knows which document a user is holding straight away
  • Additional features such as data matching and color status that help spot false documents
  • Compatibility with all verification or biometric solutions
  • A possibility of integrating ID data extraction directly with custom enterprise solutions and specialized Windows and macOS desktop applications

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