Remote customer onboarding

Our solutions for intelligent, real-time OCR are an effortless first step in any KYC or onboarding process. They enable real-time data entry from identity documents, credit cards, and various other forms or documents that users may be required to enter in any verification process. 

All solutions are developed for plug&play integration into any existing mobile or web solution and are easily paired various verification and biometric solutions. Together, they facilitate comprehensive and robust solutions with seamless user experience for big identity verification companies worldwide. 

Advanced security features

Built on advanced machine learning methods, our solutions are designed to ensure maximum security and protection of user data.

In mobile SDKs, scanning and data extraction is done on-device, without an Internet connection or any interaction with third-party servers. They enable full data extraction, including high-quality photos of the ID document and the face image, if required for further processing. For certain countries where data privacy regulations don't allow service providers to take ID images, our SDKs can be used only to extract the text data, without ever saving the image in the device memory or anywhere else. The best part? They also perform faster than any server-side solutions on the market.

Web APIs are available as a local solution, integrated into the client’s infrastructure, allowing them full control over data processing and flow.

Enhance user experience in identity verification with advanced tech features:

  • Accurate & blazing-fast data extraction (including ID images, signature, and face photo)
  • Supported identity documents in over 150 countries worldwide (IDs, passports, visas, work permit, and other)
  • Instant scanning of credit and payment cards of various backgrounds, with embossed or printed numbers
  • Autodetection of the type and country of issue for IDs - without preselecting the country manually
  • Offline, on-device processing
  • Plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Compatibility with all verification and biometric solutions

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