Advanced mbanking Features

Upgrade your mobile banking app with swift payment solutions. Scanning of payment slips in whole or field-by-field scanning of various types of invoices can greatly ease data input for payment on-the-go.

Mobile account opening is another solution which has proven to significantly increase the usability of mbanking apps. By employing a fast and secure three-step identity verification process (ID card scanning, liveness test and/or biometrics, and face matching), enable your users to open a bank account in a matter of seconds.

Branch Banking Transformed

Create a new, digitalised experience for your customers in branch offices in the most cost-effective way! Our advanced OCR technology significantly cuts down queues and speeds up customer management in branch offices. It also cuts down costs: it requires no investment in dedicated scanning devices, because it is fully optimized for mobile and desktop platforms.

Ensured Security

Our SDKs ensure maximum protection of all data extracted from documents with several security features: they work in real time, locally on device, and without Internet connection. They are easy to integrate into existing mbanking apps and can be customized to fit the needs and the looks of your data management software.