Effective KYC process

Remote onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or tiring for your customers. Microblink’s data entry solution BlinkID eliminates the first stumbling block in customer identity verification and support various digital banking services, such as remote bank account opening. Using a smartphone or web camera, they enable real-time data extraction from identity documents, credit cards, and various tax, insurance, or healthcare forms. 

With fully optimized solutions for mobile or web platforms and without the need to invest into expensive scanning hardware, you can deliver a scalable, cost-effective, yet seamless onboarding experience and delight your users right from the start of the customer journey.

Instant mobile payments

Enable mobile banking users to pay bills or make peer-to-peer transactions in less than a second. Our PhotoPay software enables instant capture of various payment data, both by scanning whole standardized payment slips or specific fields on unstructured invoices. Over 60 financial institutions across Europe have already integrated the scan & pay solution in their mobile banking apps to enable effortless payments on the go.

Efficient finance management  

Various e-wallet and PFM apps use our latest solutions to enable instant data entry from credit or bank cards, as well as retail receipts. By eliminating unnecessary typing steps, they delivered a frictionless experience for the user across the whole process: from the initial sign-up and payment card entry to easy tracking of their expenses with instant input of all their purchase data.

Build supreme customer experiences with advanced tech features:

  • Offline, on-device processing (no Internet connection or any server-side processing)
  • Accurate data entry in a few seconds
  • Plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Compatibility with all verification and biometric solutions


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