Fast & reliable entrance validation

Facilitate efficient age check in bars, nightclubs, casinos, and liquor or convenience stores - using only a smartphone camera. Our ID scanner is easy to integrate into any existing mobile or web app and it enables security guards to do real-time ID checks without splurging on expensive scanning hardware. With combined scanning & data matching from identity documents, employee badges, or barcodes on event tickets, you can easily manage entrance validation at any facility or event.

Empowering law enforcement

Our specialized computer vision solutions enable the greatest accuracy, speed, and data security features to support supreme digital solutions in the law enforcement and security industry. From data security to suspect identification, our solutions support robust real-time tracking & reporting processes. Officials on patrol and in immigration and border security use them to instantly scan identity cards, passports, visas, and driver’s licenses. The solutions are intuitive and easy to use, so there’s no need for training programs.

Remote voter registration

Increase voting turnout by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and queues at polling stations. Enable citizens to vote remotely from the comfort of their home, with the help of a mobile or desktop app. By adding the functionality of scanning identity documents, voting registration can be done in seconds, which simplifies the voting process for citizens, enables secure identity verification and minimizes the number of invalid ballots.

Build intelligent security systems with advanced tech features:

  • Ensured data security: offline, on-device processing; no third party servers
  • Supported documents in over 150 countries worldwide (IDs, passports, visas, work permits & other)
  • Autodetection of the type and country of issue for IDs - without preselecting the country manually
  • Simple plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Compatibility with all verification or biometric solutions


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