Security Checks & Border Control

Facilitate security checks, visitor tracking, or immigration & border control processes by enabling a fast scanning solution for identity documents. The solution comes in the form of a scanning SDK which can be integrated into any existing mobile or desktop app. There’s no need to splurge on any expensive scanning hardware - scanning of a single document can be done in a matter of seconds on any mobile device. Scanned data can be directly plugged into any data management system.

Voting Registration

Increase voting turnout by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and queues at polling stations. Enable citizens to vote remotely, from the comfort of their home, with help of a mobile or desktop app. By adding the functionality of scanning identity documents, voting registration can be done in seconds, which saves time for the user while enabling easier identity verification and minimize the number of invalid ballots.

Advanced Security Features

Update identity verification processes with advanced scanning technology without compromising the safety of users’ data. Microblink’s SDKs can operate fully offline (without Internet connection) and without any server-side processing. In case of data privacy regulations which do not allow any kind of taking images of identity documents, SDKs can be used only for data extraction, without using the phone or any other memory.