Efficient patient management

Streamline and speed up patient management using intelligent data extraction solutions to scan medical or insurance cards, patient numbers, identity documents, drug prescriptions, and other types of structured documents. All solutions can be easily integrated into any existing mobile or web apps to enable hospital staff or patients themselves to enter accurate data in real time.

Our identity scanning solution enables data extraction from IDs, passports, or employee badges and is used as a means of quick verification for patients, staff, and visitors in medical facilities.

Deliver superb service to patients with advanced tech features:

  • Fast & accurate data entry (no human error)
  • Offline, on-device processing
  • Plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Customizable features & design
  • Compatibility with all verification or biometric solutions
  • Ensured security with offline, on-device processing (no third-party servers)


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