An Enjoyable Shopping Experience

A modern customer likes to have data at hand in order to make informed purchase decisions and engage in a practical and frictionless purchase experience. Enable your customers instant access to the information they need with a data capture solution which instantly reads price tags, nutritional information on the packaging, and more. You can also enable them easy entry and management of their account information by enabling scanning of coupons and loyalty cards.

Superb In-store Operations

Accelerate your business performance by keeping operation costs at the lowest level at all times. You can manage your entire supply chain with maximum efficiency with help of data capture solutions. By enabling scanning of purchase receipts, barcodes, and price tags, you can track important data from within your enterprise and from your customers’ purchases in real time. The solutions are easily integrated into existing apps and data management systems, and require no investment into dedicated scanning devices, since they work on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms.