Simplified user onboarding

Build a supreme digital onboarding experience that scales up to your customers’ needs. Our mobile & web solutions for combined scanning of identity documents and SIM cards enable accurate and secure user verification and an effortless way to register new prepaid users through a mobile app, in direct sales or in back-office processes.

Effective customer service

Get real-time, actionable insight into customer’s data with instant data entry solutions for TOP-UP, phone numbers, amounts, WiFi codes, and various other types of structured data. Quickly and easily collect and match customer data on mobile devices, create an efficient customer service process and deliver exceptional value for your users.

Advanced security

Employ advanced security features in data collection and processing. Our SDKs work completely offline without an Internet connection and no interaction with third-party servers, whereas web APIs are installed locally and allow you full control over data flow. Additionally, for certain countries where data privacy regulations don't allow service providers to take ID images, our SDKs can be used only to extract the text data, without ever saving the image in the device memory or anywhere else.

Transform your customer service with advanced tech features:

  • Supported documents in over 150 countries worldwide (IDs, passports, visas, work permit, and other)
  • Simple plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Customizable features & design - combine multiple SDKs or APIs for scanning different types of data
  • Compatibility with all verification or biometric solutions
  • On-device processing, no servers needed


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