Streamline booking & reservations

Online booking can be easier than ever before. Our solution for real-time scanning of identity documents is quick and effective means for remote guest verification, reservation, and off-site check-in. They also ensure an equally easy booking completion by enabling deposit payments with real-time data entry from any credit or bank card.

Enhance facility capacity

Eliminate front-desk queues by employing quick scanning of identity documents, boarding passes or transportation tickets. Besides saving time and mitigating entry errors, our solutions are also used for their security features, as they provide an accurate and safe way to verify visitors’ IDs or employee badges at the entrance to any facility.

Enhance guest service with advanced tech features:

  • Offline, on-device processing
  • No expensive scanning equipment needed
  • Plug & play integration as mobile SDK or web API
  • Supported documents in over 150 countries worldwide (IDs, passports, visas, work permits & other)
  • Autodetection of the type and country of issue for IDs - without preselecting the country manually
  • Instant scanning of credit and payment cards of various backgrounds, with embossed or printed numbers
  • Compatibility with verification and biometric solutions

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