Streamline bookings, check-in and guest management

Our solutions offer a smarter, far simpler way of registering, verifying, charging and checking-in guests, both remotely and on-site. Let guests scan their ID documents to complete their online profile or finalize a booking, check them in at the property within seconds or charge them for their stay with seamless credit card scanning.

Ensure a smoother flow of people

Eliminate front-desk queues at hotels, business offices, resorts, airports and anywhere else by quickly scanning guests' identity documents, boarding passes or transportation tickets. Besides saving time and mitigating data entry errors, our solutions are also used for their security features, as they provide an accurate and safe way to verify visitors’ IDs or employee badges at the entrance to any facility.

Enhance guest service with advanced tech features:

  • Data security: offline, on-device processing that never puts personal information at risk
  • Plug & play integration as mobile SDK, in-browser SDK or web API
  • Support for nearly all government-issued identity documents, including passports, IDs, visas, work permits, and more. See the full list
  • AI-powered scanning that knows which document a user is holding straight away
  • Additional features such as data matching and color status that help spot false documents
  • Instant scanning of credit and payment cards of various backgrounds, with embossed or printed numbers
  • Compatibility with verification and biometric solutions
  • Bare metal integration in custom enterprise solutions such as self check-in kiosks at hotels, airports and business facilities

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