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What we do

SDK and WEB API products

Microblink is an R&D company developing proprietary computer vision technology optimized for realtime processing on mobile devices. Advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques are used to process the fastest and the most accurate text recognition locally on a mobile device. Therefore, we offer a variety of products as mobile SDK (software development kit) or Web API tailored for specific use-cases.

We aim to completely eliminate the need for manual data entry on mobile devices, thus improving user experience and engagement.

Map of worldwide customers

Our worldwide customers' network in over 60 countries includes banks & financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators, app developers, startups and other service and production oriented companies.

Mobile OCR enables data capture in a variety of use-cases: mobile payments, onboarding of new users in an app, KYC, expense tracking, ticket validation, check-in at airports and hotels, security, loyalty card activations, SIM card registration, TOP UP, and voting registration amongst others.