Using AI to make a meaningful impact on people

Our products are making life simpler for hundreds of millions of users around the world, and AI is at the core of their experiences.

All in house

01 Research

Identifying the problem and figuring out the ways to model the solution.

02 Derive

Acquiring data used in model training with GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance in mind.

03 Prepare

Annotating the acquired data with 99.9% accuracy using an internal workforce.

04 Develop

Designing and building ML models capable of solving highly complex problems.

05 Deploy

Optimizing ML models for mobile and web using our state-of-the-art inference engine.

All systems go

A comprehensive suite of tools for training, evaluating and deploying machine learning models


Data annotation platform

Machine learning models are only as good as the data behind them. Our Data Annotation Platform (DAP) features configurable workflows for producing high-quality training datasets.

  • Enables an easy way to manage projects and priorities

  • Built-in quality monitoring tools

  • Support for large volumes of data


Machine learning platform

This is where our deep neural network architectures come to life. The Machine Learning Platform (MLP) lets our engineers design, train and evaluate the best models to be used in production.

  • Features a highly automated ML development process

  • Allows for detailed ML model performance analysis

  • Enables easy prototyping of new ML-powered products


Model deployment platform

Our inference engine is built to optimize on-device performance while minimizing memory footprint and power consumption. Faster than market-leading alternatives, including TFLite and CoreML.

  • Lightweight C++ library that runs in mobile and web apps

  • Up to 40% faster than TFLite and CoreML

  • Extensively evaluated and tested before implementation

All the difference in the world.

All the difference in the world

Here’s how our AI expertise translates into real-world impact

Verifying people are who they say they are →

Using deep neural networks to automatically recognize, read and verify thousands of identity documents.

Rewarding customer loyalty →

Processing retail receipts in real time to give shoppers rewards and personalized promotions.

Breezing through checkouts →

Replacing 50+ keystrokes with a single scan.

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