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We believe in the power of AI to dramatically reshape our lives for the better. If we can’t draw a line from our product to a direct benefit to an end user then we won’t build it.

Our Story

Microblink’s history began in 2012 as a pilot project; we wanted to create a software that would eliminate typing in mobile apps for paying utility bills. A couple years later, our software (called PhotoPay at the time) had gained overwhelming praise across Europe and proven itself useful for several other scenarios. Renamed Microblink, our software could even solve mathematical equations in real time using a mobile camera.

It wasn’t long before Microblink’s use cases expanded even more. With our improved OCR technology, we moved into supporting ID and credit card scanning, document and ID verification, retail receipt capturing and purchase data insights. As the Microblink name grew around the world, our technology evolved as well. We’re now happy to be partners with clients in more than 60 countries as an AI solution for good.

Simplify digital onboarding and minimize fraudulent activity while offering an ideal customer experience.
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Turn purchase data into real-time insights that power loyalty programs, promotional strategies, and market research.
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Fintech, banking & crypto
Make excellent first impression and create a safe place for everyone to transact.
Streamline the process and help users get the right cover for their needs.
Provide your customers an excellent experience while boarding a plane, booking a stay or checking into their room.
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