Security and Privacy

Here at Microblink we take security and privacy seriously.

Trust of our customers is important to us and that’s why we are continuously improving our products and services in terms of security and privacy.

Implementing security best practices

Microblink is ISO 27001 certified which means that we have set up our Information Security Management System according to related standard’s requirements. Ensuring systems and data confidentiality, integrity and availability is embedded in everything we do and we are regularly undergoing rigorous audits to prove it. Management of access, encryption and assets, combined with secure development and IT operations practices, are constantly assessed and reviewed in line with risk management.


Encompassing both our US and Croatian offices, the Scope of Microblink’s ISO 27001 certificate includes development, integration, support, sales and service management for computer vision technology using advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques.


If you have additional questions about our security posture and practices or you want to report a possible vulnerability, please contact us directly at

Taking special care of personal information

Since 2023 Microblink has included ISO 27701 standard extension into our certification and audit scope. This means that we understand how precious personally identifiable information is and want to ensure the rights of individuals by restricting the access, retrieval, collection, disclosure, transmission and other forms of processing of data. We continuously identify privacy risks and reassess controls to mitigate them, and we are trying to reduce the likelihood of data breaches and privacy incidents.


Privacy by design and privacy by default principles, which are a requirement of the standard, are included in all of our internal processes, including product development. The scope of ISO 27701 certificate is the same as for ISO 27001 in the role of Microblink as a PII processor. If you are still concerned about sharing your client data or you have a compliance requirement, get in touch with our Sales team to check out our different product options regarding PII processing.


For more information on our dedication to data protection and privacy compliance, see our Privacy Policy.


Secure Access Management

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Penetration Testing


Third-Party Management and Data Center Security

High Availability

Business Continuity

Incident Management

Employee awareness and training

Security Configuration

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