Meet our teams

Meet the people that make Microblink unique, innovative and a great company to work for.


Our team’s main goal is to ensure high-quality classification and annotation of data used for training neural networks and, subsequently, further development of Microblink products. We also have sub-teams that are product oriented. Three of our teams are currently working on BlinkID and BlinkCard, and one is dedicated to BlinkReceipt.

Machine learning

The explorers of Microblink. We research and develop fast and accurate solutions for complex problems using machine learning, even when academia is not there yet. We take special care of internal tools and development processes to maximize time and focus on machine learning.

Machine learning platform

We are building a highly available micro-service stack supporting the complete life cycle of machine learning projects. Also, our focus is on developing and maintaining distributed solutions capable of executing thousands of computationally expensive processes ingesting petabytes of data. We are great at understanding and implementing best practices for real-world ML projects and automating processes to maximize output and time to production.

Product development

We are a passionate group of professionals always looking for ways to build up our knowledge and workflow. Combining years of experience with curiosity and playfulness, we write readable, scalable and sustainable modern C++ code that powers Microblink’s products. With thought and care, we iteratively build and improve Microblink’s products that delight millions of people worldwide.

Mobile development

As one of our developers said: “Microblink created an amazing engine. But to show off its capabilities, you need to build an actual car around it. And that car has to look and feel amazing.” Our mobile team builds on top of Microblink computer vision technology to produce the cutting-edge native (Android and iOS) and cross-platform SDKs. They try to get the most out of each platform, which means more attention to detail and working on a slightly lower level of abstraction than is usual in mobile development.

Web products

Our team is responsible for developing web-based platforms through which we offer our products. Our team consists of both experienced and young developers because we want to create the best possible solutions while also giving people the opportunity to learn and work with cutting-edge technologies.

Core solutions

Our Core Solutions department consists of several development teams. We work on applications that support our state-of-the-art AI R&D process, management of SDKs and license keys, user self-care portals and data management services. We own the process from end to end – from requirements to operations, nurturing modern server-less micro-service architecture. Like any team in Microblink, we support personal growth and development with the same enthusiasm that we have for our technology and products!

IT operations

We are passionate about finding the best possible tech solutions, no matter if we’re talking about our products or software for our internal needs. Our team covers three pillars – Internal Service Desk, SysOps and DevOps. We are responsible for scaling the IT systems to support the entire Microblink pipeline, from the internal user needs to the huge external user base.

Tools & software infrastructure

If you hear music when you pass down the hallways of Microblink, it’s unmistakably coming from the Tools & Software Infrastructure office. A few of Microblink’s musketeers are working here on state-of-the-art implementation of the mobile neural network inference engine that rivals even the big names in the industry, such as TFLite or CoreML. Software protection module, development tools and server and network infrastructure are also areas of our practice.

Customer support

Microblink’s Support team is not your average “Did you try turning it off and on?” technical support team. Our focus is to resolve various inquiries related to Microblink products. These inquiries include code debugging, difficulties with scanning documents, answering questions about the core functionalities of our products, bug detection, etc. We often communicate with the development teams to tackle more complex queries, for instance, in code implementation or finding out more about the core functionalities of the products.

Information security

Our team is responsible for compliance with information security standards and security engineering. We participate in the software development lifecycle and in building and monitoring security operations. Our goal is to ensure that we follow best practices while protecting assets and developing products. When needed, we can get into the character of a malicious actor, think like one, and help with reducing the attack surface. Join the light side of the Force, Luke.

Product management

We lead product development efforts through all phases of the product lifecycle: from validating ideas and assumptions to launching and scaling the product. To emphasize end-to-end ownership of all aspects of a product, we’ve named ourselves Product Owners. We iteratively solve customer problems by working in cross-functional teams and closely collaborating with different stakeholders. At Microblink, Product Owners are responsible for a wide range of products, from SDKs on various platforms to internal tools and even consumer applications.

Strategic projects

Our team sets ways for the organization to make shifts at the company level – creating new products, troubleshooting problems, or even launching initiatives designed to optimize performance. These projects usually directly involve or influence several departments, larger parts of the organization, or sometimes even the whole organization. The challenge of finding the best solutions to strategic problems is what drives us. These problems often seem large and challenging, but it is our passion to break through obstacles, decompose significant issues into smaller steps, and ultimately find innovative solutions for the benefit of the entire company.


Our team is a direct link between our company’s products and customers. Sales team consists of several sub-teams that perform a set of business activities and processes daily. These activities help our organization run effectively, efficiently, and all in support of business strategy and objectives. As a customer-facing team, we primarily focus on solving their business problems.


In marketing, we are passionate about putting our AI solutions at the front of every client’s mind. All our initiatives aim to support growth and brand recognition by spreading the word about our products and technology.


We’re a group of creative individuals working in cross-functional teams and ensuring the design thinking is embedded throughout all stages of our products. Our Visual Designers are responsible for branding and ensuring our eye-catching visuals tell a story that attracts new customers, while our Product Designers are in charge of delivering the best possible user experience with a strong emphasis on technology and business goals. To find us, follow the loudest laugh in the building.

Our team supports our everyday business by ensuring that all legal activities run smoothly and punctiliously. We assist in contract law and other sales processes, protection of intellectual property, employment law, data privacy, and other areas of compliance management. Our goal is to keep Microblink compliant with regulatory requirements and timely identify and provide solutions for risk mitigation in different aspects of our business.


Our team plays a vital role in helping the company achieve its objectives. We support other teams in preparing budgets, forecasts, and regular reports on key numbers crucial to the organization’s success. Besides helping other teams with numbers, we also take care of cash flow management, billing our customers, making payments to suppliers, keeping accounting records, preparing financial statements, and paying salaries and taxes.

Office operations

We ensure that you have all you need to feel comfortable and happy while working either from home or in the office. We are the go-to department for any questions related to procurement, traveling, office space, office supplies and more. If you’re not sure whom to ask a question — ask us, and we will direct you to the right person.

HR & organizational development

Our team is the pillar of Microblink community. We’re the go-to department for attracting new talent, tackling organizational changes, boosting your professional growth & development, creating development plans, organizing events, and much more. Our door is always open and we’ll answer any question that pops into your mind. Seriously anything, from your personal growth to how to take care of a plant.