Microblink was launched with a vision to eliminate typing from mobile and web apps. Built on a proprietary custom AI system, its specialized mobile SDKs and web APIs enable seamless data extraction from ID & travel documents, credit cards, retail receipts, payment slips, and many other. Businesses worldwide use Microblink's solutions to enhance user experience in identity verification, registration, and onboarding processes.

In Microblink, we are focused on building a team of passionate, diverse and talented people. We believe the best results are achieved by working in small teams that collaborate closely together. We are proud of our achievements and we want to expand our team with top-notch engineers who will help us bring our top-notchness to the next level!

What will you work on as Javascript Developer at Microblink?

As an experienced Javascript Developer (mid or senior level), you will work with a team of developers and designers on our products: image and video processing frontend components and new WebAssembly based products.

Primarily you will:

  • Implement new functionalities on our products and frontend components for image and video processing and smart image data extraction
  • Design and implement our frontend products and services using WebAssembly, by wrapping our native C++ components 
  • Work on new creative ways to enable our clients and potential clients to easily test and play with our technology, products and MVP’s
  • Implement and maintain continuous integration for Javascript based products 

You will also participate in development of white label products as an end to end solutions for identity services, with features like face matching, liveness detection or proof of address.

You can check our technology stack on the following link:   https://stackshare.io/microblink-ltd/in-browser-sdks 

In general, you will actively participate in designing and improving new and existing products and services! We encourage people to take ownership of the initiatives, components, solutions, and products!

You are the right person for us if you:

  • Have strong knowledge and experience working with:
    • Javascript
    • Typescript
    • ES6 or later, and you are familiar with new W3C RFCs
    • npm package management
  • Have some experience with (or a strong will to learn):
    • WebAssembly integration
    • Web workers
    • Web Components
    • WebRTC
    • IndexedDB API
    • WebGL
  • Have essential software development skill set (“it goes without saying” type of skills): OOP, git, team collaboration skills, good English language skill... 
  • Are responsible, proactive and driven by organizational success 

 A plus is if you have experience with:

  • One of the Javascript frameworks like ReactJS, Vue or Angular
  • Basic C++ development

We are offering:

  • Learning opportunities through 
    • Direct mentorship - when you join our team, you’ll get a dedicated mentor and a buddy, who will be your counselor, consultant and cheerleader
    • Knowledge sharing - we make time for/dedicate 20% of our working hours for internal workshops and lectures 
    • Educations and conferences - we are regularly attending some of the biggest conferences worldwide (such as Build, .Net or SQLBits) 
    • Dedicated budget for professional development and education
    • Internal library that keeps growing, based on our needs and interests
    • Online courses
  • Team leads and managers with technical backgrounds, dedicated to improving the development process
  • Teamwork is important to us. In Microblink you will have a chance to:
    • actively participate in planning the iterations together with the rest of the team
    • work with a team on the design and architecture of the solutions
    • be part of our continuous improvement culture
    • contribute to the technical standards (all kinds of effort related to maintenance of the codebase, constant improvements in tech stack and tech solutions, ensuring software stability, maintainability, and overall quality etc.)
  • Working in a casual, and yet professional working environment with motivating working conditions
  • A culture that recognizes and rewards success, and is not afraid to try, fail and learn from the mistakes