BlinkShelf | Product Recognition

Digitize the shelf

Capture grocery shelves and detect products in real-time to drive the next wave of innovation across store execution, market research, and more.

3B+ Processing over three billion online and in-store purchases every year.
15M Unique UPCs in our product catalog with more added every week.
$200B+ More than two hundred billion in parsed purchase data to date.
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Let customers discover promotions while they shop

Make promotions visible on shelf from the device that is in everyone’s pockets. Detect products in real-time, without scanning a barcode or picking up the item, to surface personalizing promotions or make recommendations based on how shoppers are browsing.
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Make purchase decisions easier

BlinkShelf integrates with your existing applications to return product data including UPC, product name, brand, size, sector, department, major category, and product position, as well as store detection (e.g. merchant, phone, address, latitude/longitude) and promotion-related data fields. Use this information to surface dietary information, ratings and reviews, and personalized recommendations so your customers can search in-store the way they would online.
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Supercharge store operations

Set your employees – and store – up for success with real-time shelf data capture. Detect missing items or moved facings with precise image capture to boost planogram compliance or quickly identify and correct discrepancies before they grow. Digitize the shelf to improve field merchandising, streamline e-commerce fulfillment and professional shopping, help with inventory management, and more.
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