SDK (Software Development Kit) for mobile apps that scans identity documents

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BlinkID SDK enables scanning of numerous identification documents with OCR recognition or barcodes.

> 150 countries supported
Front and back side of ID
ID with or without MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) or barcode

BlinkID SDK is a great tool to improve user experience in mobile apps. It scans IDs, passports or driver licenses in just a few seconds time. It is easily integrated into existing apps and provides functionality of extracting all data from documents.


  • Works in real time and locally on a device
  • No Internet connection needed
  • High precision in extracting all data

SDK is continuously developed to include more formats without a barcode or MRZ (machine-readable zone). Scanning of both sides of ID cards is available for some countries.

In USA and Canada driver licenses in all states are supported. Also, we have recently made upgrades for the Malaysian market. Besides MyKad, now we can scan and read data from visas, work permits and iKad. From MyKad and iKad all data is extracted, whereas MRZ parsing is used for visas and work permits.

How it works?

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Most common use-cases for blinkID



Average recognition
time 500 ms


High precision
recognition and scanning


Works offline
without internet connection

Easy integration

Simply embedded
into any app

Customizable UI

Design it
as you wish


memory footprint

flexibility Created with Sketch.


Detection at angle
and in low light


iOS, Android
(contact us for others)

Download our demo blinkID app

With blinkID you can scan ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, visas and other identity documents in just a few seconds.

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First download SDK from GitHub and then generate license key to activate. See how it works for your UI and in a specific use case.

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