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Whether you run on mobile (Android and iOS apps) or in-browser, BlinkID has fully integrated ID document scanning SDKs available to suit your diverse needs.
Implementation is fast and easy, allowing organizations to deploy industry-leading identity document scanning services — with accuracy and security at scale.

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Seamless document scanning with our SDK

Don’t get bogged down by clunky, complex software integrations. If you’re looking to implement ID scanning as part of user onboarding, authentication, or just to optimize data extraction (i.e., automated form filling), BlinkID is an AI-powered, fully customizable solution for any organizational use case, across a broad spectrum of industries.

For developers, BlinkID seamlessly integrates on mobile, desktop, and other web-based platforms. If your organization wants to add identity document scanning to its mobile app or web experience, our software development kits (SDKs) provide unmatched flexibility and the tools you’ll need to get up and running with ease.

How easy? It takes our average client less than a day to integrate BlinkID and successfully complete their first scan.


Mobile and in-browser integration options for document scanner SDK


Mobile SDK

Whether on an Android, iOS, or cross-platform app, BlinkID has the ability to turn any smartphone camera into an AI-powered ID scanner. Our fleet of SDKs are equipped with thorough documentation including instructions on software requirements, initial integration steps, customizations, field recognition, and more. 

In-Browser SDK

With our in-browser SDK, your organization’s website or web app will be able to scan identity documents with speed and precision — via a simple JavaScrip integration. BlinkID works in any browser that supports WebAssembly, specifically the latest versions of: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. 

In-Browser SDK

Deep-Level Integration

For clients looking to implement BlinkID directly through a computer operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux) application or with custom hardware (e.g., a check-in kiosk), our C SDK accommodates more advanced integrations. This option is also designed for server-side solutions where quick runtime is essential or mobile apps that run on native code. 


Built with users in mind

Beyond flexible integration options, our ID scanning SDKs allow for several design customization options. Working with client teams, our Product team is in a constant cycle of researching, designing, testing, and updating UX flows to drive first-time scan success – whatever the use case or industry.

BlinkID is built with users in mind – whether it’s intuitive design for end users or developers who seek to quickly and painlessly utilize our SDKs for their app, website, or other platform. 

By delivering an award-winning white label solution, organizations can go to market with BlinkID in no time, with only slight variations to fonts, colors, or other minimal design elements.

Proprietary AI

BlinkID transforms standard OCR (optical character recognition) technology into intelligent image capture, making life simpler for hundreds of millions of users around the world. Microblink’s database of over 2,500 ID types (across 140 countries) illustrates the power of AI-based document scanning that is trained on proprietary machine learning models.

Unmatched processing speed

Regardless of ID orientation, lighting, or camera angle, BlinkID delivers 5x faster processing speed and near-perfect accuracy with every user scan attempt.Utilize auto-classification to extract and match relevant data fields from both sides of a submitted identity document, ensuring consistent, structured output and formats.

Secure Infrastructure

BlinkID handles all processing on-device to ensure no user information is sent to third-party servers. Field anonymizer easily configures ID scanning to mask certain parts of an identity document (redacted text or cropped images), while our age verification feature provides warning notifications for IDs beyond a certain date of birth.

Cloud and Self-hosted APIs

In addition to our SDK offerings, BlinkID can also be integrated as a cloud or in-browser API (application programming interface). 

Our cloud-based API is an off-the-shelf integration that allows clients to scan IDs by sending encrypted images to a Microblink endpoint, which will then submit a response with parsed results back to the client’s application (deleting the image to follow security best practices). 

Cloud API

Our self-hosted API runs in isolation alongside other pieces of a client’s backend web application — essentially, a self-hosted BlinkID API can run anywhere. 

Self-Hosted API

Integrate from anywhere, from any device

Whether you need to onboard new users on your mobile app, authenticate log-in attempts from your website, or seek a fully automated hardware solution, BlinkID has an integration option to meet your organization’s unique needs. 

The world’s most trusted and flexible AI-enabled scanning solution, our proprietary technology never stops growing and learning. Processing is done entirely on-device (with regional compliance regulations in mind), so information never has to leave your platform. 

By delivering speed and accuracy at scale, BlinkID further delivers on the promise of unmatched user experience — guiding your most valuable stakeholders to a successful scan every time.

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