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Check if your customers’ identity documents are genuine and present with AI.

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Delightful experience for customer convenience.

Our technology checks your customers’ ID documents in an easy to navigate flow that corrects for common human errors. Built in extraction for easy form filling.
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Results you can trust.

We automated the document analysis process to check for liveness and security features defined by the ID’s issuing authority.
 Get a probabilistic score about missing or incorrect data, document landmarks, photo forgeries, etc.
Prevent Document Fraud
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Support that grows with your business.

With global coverage that is constantly expanding to include new countries and document types, we are able to support your business wherever it takes you.
Enjoy Service Across the Globe
100+ We support over 100 different document types, but we keep adding new documents.
20+ We perform more than 20 security checks in real time to analyze documents.
23 Customizable UI is available in 23 languages. Let us know if you need support for additional language.
See the full list of supported identity documents

Product Features

Intuitive UX with built-in extraction A simple interface with real-time feedback guides the user toward a successful verification while extracting the data simultaneously.
Active document liveness Analyzes the movements to determine if the document is physically present in front of the camera.
Security feature analysis Checks the document landscape and provides a score on the static 2D features of each document.
Face photo and font analysis Detects if there was any tampering with the face image or font on the document.
Screen detection Checks if a user is trying to verify a document on a screen (the most common fraud attempt).
Image consistency Analyzes and detects if the document was swapped midway through the process.
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Layers of possibilities.

Our Identity Suite builds trust between people and organizations. Gain your customers’ confidence with speed and security every step of the way.
Document Scanning →
Scan and extract data from IDs quickly and safely.
Document Verification →
Identify, read, and verify live identity documents on your smartphone.
Identity Verification →
Combine facial recognition with your verified identity documents and spoof-proof liveness detection to prove your identity.
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Ways to Integrate

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Native Mobile SDKs

Turn any mobile app into an AI-powered identity document scanner.
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WEB Platform – Coming Soon

We are working on providing Document Verification as an In Browser SDK.


While you focus on acquiring new customers and building a successful app we take care of a delightful experience for document verification.

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Insurance Streamline the process and help users get the right cover for their needs.
Travel Verify users boarding a plane, booking a stay or checking into their room.
Sharing Economy Drive smoother onboarding experiences and know who’s behind the service, real estate or a car.